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  • Uniplaces around the World

    Working for a company should not be an obligation. It should make you feel good everyday when you wake up to be part of that project. This is how I feel working as an ambassador for Uniplaces. As they say, “The one who runs for pleasure never gets tired”.

    IE Business School
    Segovia, Spain

  • Uniplaces around the World

    I joined this project to get experience in this business and meet people from different cultures. But it has turned out to be much more than this! Uniplaces does not expect you to be the best from the beginning. You will have the opportunity to develop your skills through different activities during the project and discover what you are good at.

    Instituto Superior Técnico
    Lisbon, Portugal

  • Uniplaces around the World

    Uniplaces and the Academy are connecting the world's newest generation of active individuals through and towards a global way of thinking!

    Universidade de Lisboa
    Lisbon, Portugal

  • Uniplaces around the World

    The Uniplaces Academy is the best way to get out of our comfort zone. The challenging environment makes us feel important and capable of delivering something big with a very positive impact on students’ lives.

    Nova School of Business & Economics
    Lisbon, Portugal

  • Uniplaces around the World

    The Uniplaces Academy is a program that is not only about the company, but about the ambassador. Being an ambassador is synonymous with seeking new challenges every day, testing all of our limits. Being ourselves, living it.

    Nova School of Business & Economics
    Lisbon, Portugal

  • Uniplaces around the World

    Since I came back from my year abroad, I've been working to help others improving their experience here! The Uniplaces Academy is about students helping students with our creativity and motivation, and challenging ourselves in every action.

    Instituto Superior Técnico
    Lisbon, Portugal

  • Uniplaces around the World

    Being a part of the Uniplaces Academy encourages not only promoting creativity in your work, but also pushes you outside of your comfort zone in learning how to connect with other students: “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable”.

    The Student Nomad

  • Uniplaces around the World

    ­­­Taking part of the Uniplaces Academy means leaving back stereotypes by helping people while learning about their different cultures. It means sharing the whole world.

    Universidad de Granada
    Granada, Spain

  • Uniplaces around the World

    ­­­Among the things that make Uniplaces a unique experience is working with a passionate and multinational team, providing help and guidance to local and international students, and developing a set of competencies required in today’s global context. I have enjoyed every assignment I have been undertaking thanks to clear guidance, continuous mentoring, and achievements’ rewards.

    Universitat Politècnica de València
    Valencia, Spain

  • Uniplaces around the World

    ­­­Helping others is innate. I have a sincere desire of assisting students, as I'm a student myself and can perfectly put myself in their shoes. I’m a firm advocate of Uniplaces and there is no difference between “doing my job” and “helping others through something I believe in”.

    Université Cergy­-Pontoise
    Paris, France

  • Uniplaces around the World

    ­­­Being an Uniplaces Ambassador at Porto is revealing to be a gratifying job. Being able to help students finding a place to stay in my city and at the same time growing myself as person and citizen of this world is really a challenge of modern days. That’s why I applied for the Uniplaces Ambassador program, to help and welcome people, the way people did it for me when I was abroad.

    Tiago Gonçalves
    Universidade Católica do Porto
    Porto, Portugal

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Your Mission

Transform the student experience

Represent Uniplaces at your campus and around your city

Help students book their accommodation with Uniplaces

Compete with other ambassadors on multiple challenges

Connect Uniplaces with your university and partner with the best brands

Create and share content on social media

Attend, plan and host events for students at your university

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What is Uniplaces

Uniplaces is the global brand for student accommodation that is empowering student mobility, especially by making the process of finding accommodation online easier for student.

Check out our website if you're looking for a room!

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What is the Erasmus Student Network

The Erasmus Student Network (ESN) supports and develops student exchange at 430 higher education institutions in 37 countries. With around 34.000 members and buddies taking care of 190.000 international students every year, it is the biggest student association in Europe.

Join Europe's most ambitious students at the Uniplaces Academy